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Challenger is a premium global agricultural equipment brand that focuses on the professional and commercial producer whose outputs represents 75% of the world’s commodity production. For demanding agribusinesses, Challenger is high-performance, reliable and intelligent machinery providing unmatched productivity. The exciting brand from AGCO Corporation. And the preferred choice of production farmers seeking high horsepower with supreme levels of support.
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Challenger CH500C Series Combine Harvester image
Challenger CH500C Series Combine Harvester
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Latest generation AGCO Power High torque engine V-Cool™ System that runs at optimum efficiency using less power Simple drives for efficient transmission of power Increased cab comfort Complete IsoBUS interface controls all functions via C2100 terminal New processor boosts throughput while enhancing grain quality The fastest unloading rate in the industry New straw chopper for a very fine cut Advanced technology to stay in control of the harvest At the core of the Challenger 600 range of combines is the huge, heavy-duty Advanced Harvest System (AHS), at 700mm diameter on the CH660B and CH670B and 800mm diameter on the CH680B, combined with an overall length of 3.55m on all models. Hydrostatically driven, the rotor enables a significant boost in operational efficiency to be achieved through its ability to harvest at a constant rotor speed, which means any output and top grain quality are maintained. The constant speed rotor control system maintains the selected rotor speed even though the crop yield may vary or engine speed change. The rotor can be reversed remotely from the cab to remove any blockage that may occur. The smooth, flexible three-speed rotor drive gearbox provides a selection of the optimum speed range to match the rotor speed and drive torque to the crop harvest conditions. The CH660B and CH670B are equipped with a two speed rotor drive gearbox.
Challenger Spracoupe 4000 Sprayer image
Challenger Spracoupe 4000 Sprayer
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Driven by a centrifugal pump with an adjustable boom height, this flow-based spraying system provides a perfect spray for all crop stages. The operator can easily and accurately control the system with Raven™ Spray Control computer. The 1575 ltr tank ensures that the machine’s low weight can be maintained. Stable, lightweight booms with boom breakaway security are available from 18 to 28 meters and have five sections as standard. Boom height: SC 4450 Low position: 229mm–1626mm High position: 635mm–2032mm SC 4650 Low position: 533mm–1930mm High position: 940mm–2337mm
Challenger Spracoupe 7000 Sprayer image
Challenger Spracoupe 7000 Sprayer
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
A combination of a highly stable chassis, secure spray boom and reliable spray system, provides the perfect tool to protect your crops at all times. The flow-based spraying system is controlled by a Raven™ 5000 series spray computer, capable of controlling direct injection of two additional products. The hydraulically controlled Hypro® centrifugal pump has a 300 ltr/min capacity, providing enough flow to guarantee a wide spraying range. Stable, lightweight booms with boom breakaway security are available from 24/27/28/30 and 36 meters and have five sections as standard. Boom height: SC7450 Low position: 35 cm – 179 cm High position: 75 cm – 219 cm SC7650 Low position: 51 cm – 195 cm High position: 91 cm – 235 cm
Challenger RoGator 700 Sprayer image
Challenger RoGator 700 Sprayer
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Lightweight design for year-round spraying flexibility Powerful, high-torque AGCO POWERTM LRC 173hp engine Smart Drive System intelligent all-wheel drive with traction control as standard Efficient filling design with new sight glass for easy fill level monitoring Choice of 24 or 27-metre booms with Norac boom height control Leading technology systems with CONTROL information centre and AGCOMMANDTM telemetry
Challenger RoGator 1100 & 1300 Sprayer image
Challenger RoGator 1100 & 1300 Sprayer
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
As the industry benchmark for control and accuracy, these RoGator booms feature streamlined plumbing and variable hose sizes to maintain constant pressure. A multiple-filter system minimises nozzle clogging and wear to ensure consistent, accurate application. The front reload option provides a direct line to a tender truck without having to fold and unfold your booms. An optional air cleanout pushes product out of the front reload line and into the product tank. The booms tilt above and below horizontal, allowing you to adjust them for varying terrain while keeping them at the correct spray height.The RG1100 and RG1300 Series’ are powered by an 8.4-litre Tier 2 AGCO POWER engine, which perfectly matches the tandem hydrostat cross-drive transmission to give consistent speeds and impressive fuel efficiency. A pressure-compensated drive system monitors drive pressure and automatically changes to a lower speed range to reduce drive system load while maintaining the engine RPMs required for your field conditions. Our ‘final drive’ system gives you the reliability and powerful performance you need for intense, around-the-clock work you do. Complying with the most stringent emissions legislation, Caterpillar diesel engines ensure that more power and even higher torque are matched perfectly to the job.
Challenger MT900E LRC Tractor image
Challenger MT900E LRC Tractor
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
At the heart of the TMC control system, the new TMC Display is now fully ISOBUS compatible, eliminating the need for additional implement control boxes in the cab and leaving the operator just one operating procedure to learn. Every conceivable tractor function is monitored, controlled and set on this one screen. Automatically controls engine speed and transmission functions to achieve maximum productivity and economy. The operator can now also select two pre-set engine speeds, providing consistent speeds for work mode tasks and other manoeuvres, such as turning. Both completely new seat options are guaranteed to ease long working days. The standard version is a 10-way adjustable seat with passive air suspension, lumbar support, exchangeable cushions, swivel and sculptured backrest to sustain comfort when turning in the seat. The deluxe Vibration Reduction System (VRS) seat has a computer controlled electromagnetic system that reacts to terrain inputs to smooth the ride. A new hydraulics system allows the operator to select a hydraulic function that may be more crucial than the others and maintain the full flow demand of that function, while flow to the remaining functions is reduced. Challenger MT900E Series articulated-steer tractors are now equipped with a 10-tonne capacity rear three-point linkage with CAT IV ball ends. In addition, there is the further option of a 1000 rpm PTO