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Lynx is located between Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek in the foothills of the Klein Drakenstein Mountains. The boutique farm is one of the smaller wineries in the district. Visit this extraordinary winery on the outskirts of town. The winery offers an absolutely picturesque landscape, it also has a variety of fascinating wines that you can taste. The estate is individually managed company that makes wine mostly by hand and allows its guests a very private experience of wine tasting.
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Lynx - Cabernet Franc image
This wine is 100% Cabernet Franc with all the grapes coming from the Estate. On the nose you have black olives, fynbos and tobacco. On the palate you have a more grippy tannin structure with dark berries, cedar-wood and a long finish.
Lynx - Xanache  image
The nose of this classic French wine Cuvee has dark fruits and a touch of meaty black olives. The tannin structure is dry with a leafy spice. It is a well-structured wine that will reward with ageing.
Lynx - Viognier  image
Made from 100% Viognier grapes this wine is an Estate wine, with all the grapes sourced from the Estate. The wine is rich and luscious, filled with ripe pineapples, pear blossoms, citrus and floral notes on the nose. The wine has a great mouthfeel that leaves a long after taste.
 Lynx Viognier Tardio  image
Flowery, summery and sweet - Peach flavours of the bouquet are held on the palate and are surrounded by charming, tart nut flavours. The Lynx Viognier Tardio Sweet 2016 has a clear acidity, balanced by this aromatic sweetness, and a refreshing, clean, full finish.
 Lynx - Vino Tinto  image
This is an easy drinking red wine that on the nose has a lot of bright red berries layered with mint, liquorice and hints of smokiness. The wine is smooth on the palate with seamlessly integrated tannins.
 Lynx - Shiraz  image
This wine is 100% Shiraz with all the grapes coming from the Estate. On the nose, there is blackcurrants and almonds. The pallet is spicy with white pepper and liquorice. The aftertaste leaves you with hints of a cigar box.