Raleigh products for sale in Zambia

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The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a British bicycle manufacturer based in Nottingham, England and founded by Woodhead and Angois in 1885. Using Raleigh as their brand name, it is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world. Raleigh bicycle is now a division of the Dutch corporation Accell.
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Raleigh Bicycle Outback  29inch image
The line-up makes choosing the right bike simple. All bikes in the range feature durable sturdy frames and some models are fitted with suspension forks which help to flatten bumps in the trail. A range of high-quality components finish the bikes off and ensure that you can put your trust in your bike whilst off riding on-road or off the beaten track.
Raleigh Bicycle  Kraton  26inch  image
So, 26-inch wheels, in a mountain bike context, is probably good for someone around 4′10″-5′2″ in order to achieve the best balance between weight, rollover ability, and handling. That being said, for a touring bike on pavement, there is really no limit to how tall the rider can be.