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Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods is an authorised distributor of Vitatech and Nutritech products. Vitatech offers vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements for people of all ages - for general health and vitality. The Nutritech range includes a wide selection of gym supplements for sports men and women. If you are concerned that you may not be getting all the necessary vitamins and supplements from the food you consume, you can order from an extensive range of safe and effective supplements supplied by Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Browse their online shop below.
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Vitatech - Hair, Skin and Nails image
Vitatech - Hair, Skin and Nails
Health Care Supplements
May assist with the growth of hair, skin and nails
Nutritech Hulk Gainer  image
Nutritech Hulk Gainer
Health Care Supplements
Hardcore weight gain, fast and slow-releasing carbs & protein. 825 calories: 50g protein + 145g carbs.
Nutritech Premium Mass Builder  image
Nutritech Premium Mass Builder
Health Care Supplements
Lean weight gain, high in carbs + protein. 428 calories: 45g protein, low in lactose + 60g carbs.
Nutritech Amino Boost 2.0 image
Nutritech Amino Boost 2.0
Health Care Supplements
Complete amino acid recovery. 15000mg amino acids + 360mg electrolytes for intra/post-workout.
Nutritech Whey Protein Isolate image
Nutritech Whey Protein Isolate
Health Care Supplements
Single source ultra-filtered protein. 27g protein, low in lactose, 0.9g carbs + <1g fat. Gluten-free & soy-free.
Nutritech Whey Protein Bar - Peppermint Choc Crunch image
On-The-Go Recovery. Gluten & Soy Free. 20g Protein, 15g Carbs + 20 Vitamins & Minerals.

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