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Wisdom is better than rubies, said Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived. Solomon's Song brings together a rich range of inspirational books and other materials designed to help and guide readers to achieve optimal health and happiness. Collections include Bibles, other Christian books and family life material, such as character-building children's stories and marriage guides. Those who love life and relationships, who value health and happiness, will find plenty of resources in this collection of reading material - all available for online purchase, for your ultimate convenience.
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Character Building Stories Three image
At the end of the second volume of Origin and Destiny of The Earth, you can get the Subject Index of Great Principles and Values. It is intended to make it easier for parents and educators to find the stories in these two volumes that contain the moral principles and values that at a given time, they may wish to teach the children, as well as the character defects they should correct.
Character Building Stories Four image
The second part of this series, entitled Life of Jesus and His Disciples presents 191 stories that recount the life of the Lord and the lives of those who followed Him. Jesus is the main character. His words and actions make His wisdom manifest and His faultless example will deeply impress the reader and will progressively shape and build the character of tomorrow's men and women.
Healthy by Nature - Healing Power of Natural Agents image
Nature shows us her eight remedies to preserve our integral health: water and earth, sun, physical exercise, air, rest, abstinence from toxic substances, nourishment, and a positive mental attitude. This unique work, written by Dr. Ernst Schneider, an eminent researcher and author of various pioneering books on natural medicine, brings the healing virtues of natural agents and the practical manner of their application within the reach of everybody.
Jesus Our Teacher - The Jesus Puzzle Bible image
In The Jesus Puzzle Bible you'll find word for word Bible passages talking about Jesus' ministry. Some pages contain a fun puzzle for little hands to put together. By hearing stories and then putting together the puzzles, your child will take to heart the words of Jesus.
Single & Gifted - Making the most of your singleness image
Topics covered include: How to survive as a single-and turn singleness to your advantage, Hope for those desperately seeking someone, How to cope with being alone-and with the crises of marital separation, A guide through the minefield of relationships, Sex and the single person, Surviving as a single parent, How to cope with grief over the death of someone special, How to tell love from infatuation.
Miracles Happen - A guide to healing the new testament way image
Do miracles still happen or has modern medicine put an end to all that? After forty years' ministry and a thorough analysis of healing in the Bible, David Collinson opens up new insights into the ministry of healing then and now, explaining how New Testament principles can apply in our world. 'David Collinson's book makes an important contribution. If it encourages Christian leaders to engage in a rediscovery of the Christian healing ministry it will have done a significant job for the extension of God's kingdom.'

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