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Linton Hill Premium London Dry Gin - Blue bottle

Linton Hill Premium London Dry Gin - Blue bottle

London Dry Gin five times distilled 40.6% VOL. Clear colour. Aromas and flavours of spruce, coriander, geranium, blueberry, orange marmalade, and anise with a supple, shy, fruity thin body and a smooth, short finish with notes of white pepper finish. An easygoing gin with lots of versatility behind the bar.
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Further information

Reference: 8412449120751

Graduation (Vol.): 40.6%

Format: 70 cc (700ml)

Tasting Notes

Colour: Bright, clean, transparent

Nose: Smooth and aromatic with pronounced juniper notes

Mouth: Spicy floral and elegant with refreshing citric notes

Pairing: Perfect for Gin & Tonic and Dry Martini. Also mixed with soft drinks or on its own, with lemon and ice...


London Dry Gin FIVE TIMES distilled, from great purity, clean color and soft aroma to juniper berries. Spicy and floral in mouth, with an elegant citric touch.

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