9kg Ogaz cylinder deposit

9kg Ogaz cylinder deposit

For all the cooking needs of a medium sized family and small restaurant. Holds 9kg of LP gas. Safety has always been of paramount importance to Ogaz and this cylinder comes with the state of the art safety features.

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Further information

Here are a few helpful Do’s & Dont’s for handling gas cylinders:


Check cylinder and appliance seals

Check the valve area for dirt

Always keep the cylinder upright while attaching the regulator

Ensure that you keep the cylinder away from naked flames

Take your empty cylinder back to Ogaz so they can discard or scrap as they see fit

Refill with them once you are ready,

Let appliance cool after use

Check for leaks by:

Applying soap water to connections and look for bubbles,

Listen for hiss of escaping gas


Use tools to tighten the valve

Use cylinders with a damaged valve or seal

Use if there has been evidence of a leak

Stand a cylinder on a stove or expose to heat

Leave on when sleeping

Puncture or attempt to cut cylinder into pieces

Refill a cylinder from another cylinder that has been inverted

In the event of a Fire, be sure to:

Leave area in a calm and quick manner

Let the cylinder burn out

Call for emergency help

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