Steel Wire Mesh  Conforce 100  South African Standard - Ribbed

Steel Wire Mesh Conforce 100 South African Standard - Ribbed

Concrete reinforcing mesh welded from 3 to 40 mm steel rods used for concrete footpaths and ground slabs construction, in galvanized and stainless steel materials. Bridge concrete reinforced mesh is used in bridge construction reinforcement, like bridge girders, bridge spans, bridge decks, and many other applications. Rectangular reinforcing mesh reinforces thin concrete elements such as floor slabs and walls where more strength is required in one direction than the other.
K3,405 per roll

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Welded mesh reinforcement is made from metal rods with 3 to 40 mm diameter. These metal rods are perpendicularly bonded by spot welding. Concrete reinforcing mesh used in residential, industrial and road construction, such as concrete footpaths and industrial and commercial ground slabs, precast panel construction and residential slabs and footings.

Height 2.4m
Pitch 200 x 200
Diameter4.0 x 4.0
Length 60m

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