Healing Wonders of Charcoal

Healing Wonders of Charcoal

Healing Wonders of Charcoal provides information on the history and three decades of thorough studies from insect bites to the most complex diseases as cancer. It contains an easy-to-follow procedure and a step-by-step application of charcoal therapy. It includes real cases of patients whose lives and physical conditions have been made whole through the Healing Wonders of Charcoal.

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Who would have ever thought that the lowly, soft, brittle, light, black, porous material which gives a glow to the fireplace will eventually be burning hot in the market of traditional medicine at present?

Despite the popularity of charcoal, there are still some people who are not sold to its potency due to misinformation and cluelessness. As they visit the nearest drugstore and supermarket they become ash gray over the dizzying prices of charcoal in tablet, capsule, or activated form. Charcoal therapy need not burn a hole in the pocket. It can be initiated right within, without leaving the confines and comfort of home.

AuthorSeverino S.Paypa. M.H.Sc.M.P.H.

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