7 Enemies of the Family

7 Enemies of the Family

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Nobody gets married imagining that they will end up divorced. When we are young and in love, we believe that our love is invincible, yet we don't need to look far to see lives close to home that are touched by the pain of broken relationships. 7 Enemies of the Family is a gift to your marriage and family and comes from the heart of a pastor and counsellor with many years of experience.

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It points out seven deadly enemies of the family and provides simple, powerful, and effective tools to overcome them. Using clear language and humour, Pastor Hernandez helps us to battle common enemies like miscommunication, jealousy and mismanagement of finances, equipping us to build happier homes.

Designed for those who are already married, as well as those embarking on a new journey together, this book provides practical examples and activities at the end of each chapter to improve relationships. Why battle these enemies alone? Conquer them all with God's help and the expert assistance offered in this real-world guide.

AuthorPastor Roger Hernandez
PublisherAfrica Publishing Company

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