Jesus Our Teacher - The Jesus Puzzle Bible

Jesus Our Teacher - The Jesus Puzzle Bible

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In The Jesus Puzzle Bible you'll find word for word Bible passages talking about Jesus' ministry. Some pages contain a fun puzzle for little hands to put together. By hearing stories and then putting together the puzzles, your child will take to heart the words of Jesus.

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This is a Bible Game, Bible Story Book for Children, Puzzle Bible, that introduces the youngest to the life of Jesus. Children learn the Bible stories by doing. This Bible Puzzle teaches Bible stories while helping Kids develop visual space skills.

Each puzzle has a Bible Scripture from the Contemporary English version. Kids have fun, and feel successful while learning. The new Jesus Puzzle Bible Series contains a selection of expressive and colourful pictures from the life of Jesus and the early church, illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.

Bible verses and colourful illustrations describe each scene and bring the child knowledge about the life of Jesus and thereby the character of God. This is the third in a series of 6 puzzle books. Each book contains 6 puzzles.

Jesus our Teachers includes the following depictions: True Happiness, God Shows Mercy, Following Jesus, Being Salt and Light, Do Not Worry and Who Gave the Most? Illustrations are by Gustav Mazali. You will find word for word Bible passages telling about Jesus' Ministry. Remember to look for the other five titles in this puzzle book series: Jesus Our Friend, Jesus Loves You, Jesus Cares for Me, Jesus My Salvation and Jesus' Friends.

AuthorGustavo Mazali
PublisherAutumn House Publishing (Europe) Ltd. and in Australia by Signs Publishing Company.

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