Healing Wonders of Diet - Effective Guide to Diet Therapy

Healing Wonders of Diet - Effective Guide to Diet Therapy

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This is a guide book on diet therapy. Information is provided for you to understand better your physical condition, know what dietary management to follow, and learn how to prepare the right diet for the specific illness from which you may be suffering.

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This book is composed of four interrelated sections:

  • Part- 1 Health Disorders. Common health problems and diseases are listed and described, with a discussion on their causes and possible symptoms.
  • Part- 2 Diet Therapy. Various Dietary regiments are provided to meet the food requirements of those with health disorders. A short description of the kind of diet for a particular ailment introduces you to 3-day Menu Sample.
  • Part- 3 Recipes. Vegetation recipes designed for the 3-day Menu Sample in the previous section are arranged alphabetically.
  • Part- 4 Appendix. This section includes other important items to help you follow the dietary prescriptions, like the things you need in planning well-balanced vegetarian meal.

Good health is impossible without good nutrition. That is the basic premise on which the authors wrote this book. It is their wish that you will find this book a blessing as you discover the HEALING WONDERS OF DIET.

AuthorsBlecenda Miranda Varona,R.N.D.,M.P.H; Maria Elena Tablante Godoy,R.N.D.; David Arsulo Varona
Publisher Philippine Publishing House

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