Acacia Handbook - Growing and managing Acacias

Acacia Handbook - Growing and managing Acacias

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Acacias have often been looked upon as a nuisance by farmers, something to be controlled or eradicated. Their occasionally invasive nature and thorns have been regarded as impediments to good farming practices. However, developments of appropriate and sustainable farming techniques, coupled with better knowledge on what acacias can produce and how stands of them can be managed, show that these species can be valuable assets to any farming enterprise.

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There is an increasing interest in indigenous trees across the region and a need for a manual on how acacias can be raised and managed. This handbook, covering 11 acacia-type species, provides a range of uses. It details what species to plant for particular purposes, where to plant them and how to raise seedlings. Following this are sections on establishment and management of both natural and planted stands and descriptions of the species. The aim of the book is to encourage a wider appreciation of acacias and lead to their better management and utilisation.

Dr Richard Barnes was the world authority on Acacia Trees based at Oxford University. He worked with others to produce this book that shows how useful this indigenous species can be. Creating wealth through knowledge is a by product of this publication.

AuthorsNewton Spicer, Richard Barnes, Jonathan Timberlake
ISBN 9780951520970
Print length 144 pages
Language English
Publisher CBC Publishing
Publication date31 Dec. 2004
ISBN-10 0951520970
ISBN-13 978-0951520970

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