Ammonium Sulphate Granular Fertilizer - 50kg

Ammonium Sulphate Granular Fertilizer - 50kg

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Ammonium Sulphate (NH4}2S04), is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses with the most common use as a soil fertilizer. It contains Nitrogen and Sulphur. It is a source of Nitrogen and Sulphur as a straight fertilizer and in blending of fertilizers.
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Advantages of Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer

  • It replaces the soil nutrients that don’t exist in some regions: Chemical fertilizers have become a critically important resource for the agricultural sector because this product helps to replace soil nutrients. If farmlands have deficiencies or marginal health, then ammonium sulfate fertilizer can contribute to increases in crop production and higher yields.

  • Improves the levels of organic residue returning to the soil: The increased crop production that results from the use of this fertilizer can improve the amount of residue and root biomass that exists locally. There are direct benefits occurring every time an increase in soil organic matter happens after a growing season. That means an increase in the levels of organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur are possible.This advantage works to improve the long-term fertility of the soil. It also works to create benefits in the natural nutrient cycling process.

  • It provides fast results: When you decide to use ammonium sulfate fertilizer, then you will not need to wait for several weeks or months before you start to see positive results. Once you apply the product to the soil, the improvements in your plants will happen within days. Chemical fertilizers like this one release nutrients at a much faster rate than organic products. However, if you have sensitive plants that don’t like immediate changes to their soil composition, then this advantage won’t apply. As far as the amount of time that’s necessary for fertilizer to show results, ammonium sulfate is always an excellent solution.

  • The product has multiple uses that fall outside of the fertilizer spectrum: Ammonium sulfate is a highly adaptable product that serves multiple functions in our society today. Some food companies like to add this item to bread because it works well as a dough conditioner. It is also a common component in fire extinguisher powders and flame-proofing agents. If you have items with a robust fire-resistance rating, then there is an excellent chance that one of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of that product is this item. Several different industries, including textiles, wood pulp, and pharmaceuticals, use ammonium sulfate in a variety of applications.

  • It can act as a disinfecting agent: Some municipalities like to use ammonium sulfate with chlorine as a way to generate an item called monochloramine. That makes the water safe for drinking because it disinfects the fluid effectively. It can also be useful in the preparation of some salts like ammonium persulfate.

The disinfecting quality of ammonium sulfate fertilizer makes it possible to remove potentially harmful components from the soil when applied. Although it works best when alkaline conditions exist, there are some situations where an acidic foundation is also useful.

Composition 21 % Nitrogen and 24% Sulphur
-The primary use of ammonium sulfate is as a fertilizer for alkaline soils. In the soil the ammonium ion is released and forms a small amount of acid, lowering the pH balance of the soil, while contributing essential nitrogen for plant growth.
- Also used as a spray adjuvant for water soluble insecticides, herbicides and fungicides
Functionit functions to bind iron and calcium cations in water and plant cells. it is should be used in the right quantities as excesses is harmful to plant growth
Crops For all crops but acid-loving plants, such as blueberries, artichokes, or potatoes, lowering the soil pH can seriously improve your harvest and the overall health of your plants.

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