Orizon  Insecticide Acaricide & Nematicide

Orizon Insecticide Acaricide & Nematicide

Orizon is a combination of Acetamiprid, a systemic insecticide from the Neonicotinoid group and abamectin, a fermentation product from natural soil bacteria. Orizon has ovicidal and larvicidal activity and can be used as a soil treatment, foliar spray and seed treatment. Orizon interferes with the nerve system and acts like a stomach and contact insecticide. for protection of a wide range of crops against Nematodes, Aphids, Mites and Armyworms.
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Further information

Shelf life: Two years from manufacture date when stored in an unopened original container in a cool dry and well-ventilated place.

Precautionary measures:

Keep locked up & out of reach of children and uninformed adults. Avoid contact with skin, ey or inhalation and ingestion

HAZARD statement:

Toxic if inhaled or swallowed and may cause eye and skin irritation

Harmful to aquatic life

Active Ingredients
Contains: Acetamiprid 100g/Lt
Abamectin 20g/Lt

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