Engen Super Hydraulic Brake _ Clutch Fluid Dot 4+ 500ml

Engen Super Hydraulic Brake _ Clutch Fluid Dot 4+ 500ml

A heavy duty synthetic brake fluid blended mainly from glycol ethers and poly-glycols and contains corrosion and oxidation inhibitors to enhance its natural corrosion and chemical stability. It is recommended for use in both disc and drum brake systems requiring both Dot 3 and Dot 4 fluids. It is also used in clutch hydraulic systems.

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  • Firm braking pressure under all service conditions
  • Excellent chemical stability and freedom from gummy deposits
  • High boiling point to prevent vapour forming in brake systems
  • Protects metals and rubbers used in hydraulic brake and clutch systems
  • Compatible with other brake fluids meeting Compulsory Government Standards

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