Veg Mix C - Basal Dressing Fertilizer

Veg Mix C - Basal Dressing Fertilizer

Select Veg Mix C fertilizer and watch your carrots, potatoes, beetroot, garlic, onions, & leeks grow. A crop-specific fertilizer formulated for all tubers
K1,023 per bag
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Last Updated 16 Nov 2022

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  • 32% Organically Enriched

A blended, horticulture fertilizer configured to be used for all tuber plants. 32% organic, this mix is tailor-made to provide the correct nutrient combination for your plants. This High-quality basal fertiliser is recommended for application on tuber vegetables like carrots and onions. Veg Mix C is the best fertilizer you can apply at four(4) days of germination to attain a good yield.

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Product TitleVeg Mix C - Basal Dressing Fertilizer
Composition/Nutrient(s)10% Nitrogen (N), 15% Phosphorous (P₂O₅) 15% Potassium (K₂O) & 4% Sulphur (S)
Recommended Dose15-20g/Plant (30-80g/m²)
Crop(s)Carrots, Potatoes, Beetroot, Garlic, Onions, & Leeks
Applicationfour(4) days of germination

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