Baobab Powder Superfood Kosher Organic 500g

Baobab Powder Superfood Kosher Organic 500g

Was K225! This cream-coloured powder has been milled from the fruit of the baobab tree. It can contribute to your recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables. Add to water, juice, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge and cereal. Can also be used in baking bread, muffins and biscuits. Refreshing when added to water as an invigorating drink with either honey, agave syrup or stevia liquid.
K168.75 per pack
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Rich in many important vitamins and minerals. May aid weight loss by promoting feelings of fullness. May help balance blood sugar levels. Antioxidant and polyphenol content may reduce inflammation. High fibre content may promote digestive health.

Single Serving (8g = 1 serving)

  • Energy (kJ): 82.0
  • Protein (g): 0.3
  • Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g): 2.0

--Of which are sugars(g): 1.8

  • Total Fat (g): 0.0

--Of which are saturated fat (g): 0.0

  • Dietary Fibre (g): 3.5
  • Total Sodium (mg): 0.0
  • ORAC* value (µmol TE): 3360
  • Vitamin C (mg): 15.0


Organic baobab powder.

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