C.A.N Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer  Top Dressing 25kg

C.A.N Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Top Dressing 25kg

Calcium ammonium nitrate enables plants to grow wide leaves of rich green colour, and does not acidify the soil or negatively impact soil biological activities with long term use. Plants are enriched not only with nitrogen but also with magnesium and calcium.
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Advantages of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer:

  • It is universal – can be applied in the case of all types of crops, regardless of the application period (before sowing, for top dressing).
  • It contains calcium and magnesium which improve the efficiency of absorbing nitrogen by the plants’ roots and reduce nitrogen losses, thus making fertilization more profitable; it also protects subsoil waters against pollution by nitrogen compounds. .It can lengthen the florescence, promote the root, stem & leaf to grow normally .Ensuring the color of the fruit is bright and the fruit candy can be increased.
  • Can be considered as near-neutral in its effect on soil pH and therefore can be used on soils that have a low pH without lowering further
  • For use on perennial fruit crops (where soil incorporation of lime is difficult)
  • It is a nitrogen fertilizer which contains equal parts of fast acting nitrate-nitrogen and longer lasting ammonium-nitrogen
  • Volatilization of nitrogen from calcium ammonium nitrate is negligible, therefore the timing of the applications

Uses of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer:

Calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer is widely used in greenhouses and large farmland ares. It can improve the soil by increasing the granule structure and making the soil lumpless.

This fertilizer can lengthen process of florescence, impel root, stem and leaf to grow normally; Guarantee the bright color of the fruit, increase the fruit sugar content. It is a kind of high-efficient environmental protection green fertilizer.

Calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer is a new nitrogenous and calcareous fertilizer with characteristics of high efficiency and quickly make-up nitrogen, applied in greenhouse and large-area farmland. It improves the soil and granulates the soil making it anti-caking. When employed in fruits, vegetables ,flower and industrial crops, it extends florescence, spurs the root, the stem and the leaf to grow normally, guarantees fruits in gay colors and increase carbohydrate contents in fruits. It is a high-efficiency environmental protection greening fertilizer.

Composition Calcium, Ammonia, Nitrogen (26%)
Crops it readily dissolves in water and is applied on all types of crops regardless of the application period
Application Period before sowing and for top dressing.

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