SoluPotasse (SOP) Fertilizer - 5kg

SoluPotasse (SOP) Fertilizer - 5kg

Fertilizer · ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd
Granular SOP (sulfate of potash), provides one of mildest forms of the important plant nutrient, potassium, along with sulfur. The fertilizer offers a number of important benefits over other sources of potassium, which enable it to help produce high-quality crops with maximum export value, as well as to protect the environment.
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Composition Potassium (K), Chlorine (Cl), Sulphur (S) , Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Iron (Fe)
Potassium (K)50.9%
Chlorine (Cl)0.6%
Sulphur (S)18.6%
Sodium (Na)0.5%
Calcium (Ca)0.05%
Magnesium (Mg)0.06%
Iron (Fe) 0.01%
Purpose To provide a source of soluble, chloride-free potassium (K) fertilizer for use in irrigation water (fertigation), hydroponics and for foliar spraying.
Application In solution for fertigation/hydroponics add to stock tank and further dilute as required (normally 1:100).
--Foliar : apply 5 – 12 kg per ha

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