Gypsum Powder Fertilizer  Top Dressing 25kg

Gypsum Powder Fertilizer Top Dressing 25kg

Gypsum is one of the earliest forms of fertilizer used. It has been applied to agricultural soils for more than 250 years. Gypsum is a moderately soluble source of the essential plant nutrients, calcium and sulfur, and can improve overall plant growth.
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How Does Gypsum Work

• Gypsum penetrates the heavy clay or compacted subsoil layer particles creating air and moisture slots that loosen and break-up the soil structure. This improves soil aeration and prevents accumulation of salts at the surface of the soil due to improved water movement in the soil allowing for leaching down of excess salts from the soil surface.

• Gypsum does not contain major soil nutrients even though it contains calcium, sulfur and a little magnesium, so continue with your regular fertilizer programme.

Composition -
Sulfur 17%
Calcium 23%
Magnesium 2%

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