Vikas  Golden Grammar  Book 1

Vikas Golden Grammar Book 1

The Vikas Golden Grammar series attempts to make the learning of English joyful, at the same time helping the learner to understand and communicate effectively in spoken English. It includes puzzles and word games to provide variety and to improve the vocabulary of the learner.
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Further information

  • A child will develop beautiful and legible handwriting only through systematic training and constant practice right from an early age.
  • With a view to providing thorough systematic training in art of writing well-made letters, we have published graded copybooks in English languages for students of different age groups.
  • English copybooks have been prepared in three different series viz. print script, cursive or slant writing and upright writing.
  • School may select the series as per their preferences.
  • If provision is made in the school timetable for the regular use of these copybooks then it will definitely benefit the children to improve their handwriting.

Navneet digests are supplementary study books to the board textbooks, which enhance the overall learning of the students, through organised content and easy language. The company has been around from the last 60 years providing the best quality content to students in their preferred choice, and in turn helping them to progress in their academic endeavour.

Author Maya S.Achar
Publisher Navneet Education Limited (Formerly known as Navneet Publications (India) Ltd.)
Print length 64 pages
Publication date 1 January, 2017
Language English
Reading Age Primary

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