Behaviour Matters: Giraffe Is Left Out  a Book about Feeling Bullied

Behaviour Matters: Giraffe Is Left Out a Book about Feeling Bullied

When Leopard arrives at Jungle School, Giraffe doesn't want to include him and tries to exclude him from joining in. So when Leopard has a birthday party he doesn't invite Giraffe, even though he has invited all his friends. Slowly Giraffe begins to understand how Leopard must have felt when he started school. Can the two of them learn to become friends after all? This simple, engaging story is the perfect way to introduce young children to what bullying is, and help them become aware of how their behaviour can impact on other children.There are even suggestions for activities and ideas to talk through together to help children understand.
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The Behaviour Matters series of picture books provide a gentle means of discussing emotions, boosting self-esteem and reinforcing good behaviour. Supports the Personal, Social and Emotional Development Area of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and is also suitable for use with children in KS1 and can be used to discuss values. Suitable for children under 5.

Dimensions19.2cm · 23.6cm · 0.6cm
Author & Illustrator Sue Graves & Trevor Dunton
Publisher Franklin Watts
Print length 32 pages
Publication date10 Mar. 2016
Language English
Reading Level 3-8 years

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