Extreme Fat Burner Weight Loss Combo

Extreme Fat Burner Weight Loss Combo

Speed up your metabolism & reduce your cravings with the help of Umoyos Extreme Fat Burner Combo whose products burn fat, ease, gas, and bloating
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Last updated 17 Nov 2022

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The Extreme Fat Burner is designed for optimum weight loss through the targeted fat burn. The products work together to interfere with fat storage, burn fat, boost metabolism, ease constipation, gas, and bloating while flushing your body of toxins.

Each Combo includes:

  • 5x Umoyo Dr Ho's Formula 500mls
  • 1 x Umoyo Organic Apple Cider Vinegar "with the Mother"
  • 1x Herbex Fat Burn Tea with Green Tea + Garcinia Cambogia

Herbex Slimmers Fat Burn Tea formula is an effective combination of Green Tea known to speed up metabolism and Garcinia Cambogia a fruit from South America which suppresses appetite, burns fat and may block fat formation in the body.

Umoyo's Dr Ho's Formula speeds up metabolism and eases constipation, gas bloating and water retention. It also works as a detox, jumpstarting your weight loss journey!

Umoyo's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother is made from delicious, organically grown apples. It is raw and unfiltered, and hence also contains the “Mother” of vinegar. It contains Acetic acid which has been shown to suppress appetite and control cravings, reduce fat storage as well as burn fat in the body.

Product TitleExtreme Fat Burner Weight Loss Combo

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