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Dhow Nature Foods
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Relive anxiety, lower cholesterol and boost your red blood cell Levels with Organic Dried Lemon Grass. Lemongrass Leaf is easy to use, it can be added to curries, sauces, soups and tea.


Herbs are edible leaves, flowers, or roots of certain herbaceous plants, which are plants that are defined by their lack of above-ground woody stems. They are the most wonderfully diverse and useful plants, coming in all shapes, sizes and textures, colours and perfumes. Their aromatic leaves and scented flowers can be enjoyed by all, making them the most generous of plants.

Herbs can be used to flavour food, included in fragrances, and even a part of natural medicines. Basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and dill are all herbs. Note that for each of these, the herb is the green or leafy part of some kind of plant. In the case of basil, the leaves can be quite large, whereas rosemary leaves are more like spines of an evergreen plant.

Like vegetables, herbs have excellent nutritional value. When it comes to their nutrient profile, fresh herbs are very similar to leafy greens. But depending on the herb, they often contain even more vitamins and minerals than typical leafy greens. Herbs are also low in calories, fat, and sodium. Herbs are both healthy on their own and can be used to make reduced fat foods taste better.

Herbs are designed to cleanse and nourish the body. They feed our body systems as well as help in rebuilding and repairing them. You can create custom blends or choose from tried and true classic formulas from the most premium herbs available.

In this category, you will find various companies in Zambia that supply a wide selection of herbs such as cordyline, moringa, duranta, ginger, oregano, sage, basil, parsley, mint, thymus and rosemary. As a customer, you will definitely have an amazing shopping experience. Feel free to browse the list below.