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Alcoholic drink of spirits flavourings such as sugar, fruits, herbs, and spices.
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Alcoholic drink of spirits flavourings such as sugar, fruits, herbs, and spices.

You'll see liqueurs on most restaurant menus since they are popular as an accompaniment to any fine dining experience. Made as a blend of ingredients that have been enfused with different flavors, each liqueur has its own unique taste. Tequila, made from the blue agave plant found in Mexico, is popular in Zambia, as well as Africa's own Amarula made from the marula fruit.

Some liqueurs are made with dairy cream added to make an emulsion. These are called cream liqueurs. Amarula is an example of a cream liqueur. Cream liqueurs usually have a lower alcoholic content (around 15%) than non-cream liqueurs, which can go up to 55% alcohol by volume.

Liqueurs are either served on their own or used as mixers with other drinks. So you can sip it neat, or add some soda or a splash of fruit juice for a longer more refreshing drink.

Here are a few varieties of popular liqueurs:

Amaretto is an almond-flavored liqueur made from apricot seeds, often with additional spices and flavors.

Baileys Irish Cream is a combination of Irish whisky, cream and chocolate.

Campari is dark red liqueur made from herbs and fruit.

Cointreau is an orange-flavored liqueur often used in cocktail recipes.

Sambuca is a strong, colorless Italian liqueur flavored with anise and licorice.

Apéritif Liqueur

Campari - a sunset-colored bitter Italian liqueur. Pernod - a colorless anise flavoured French liqueur. Aperol - a bright orange-colored Italian bitter herb, rhubarb, and orange liqueur. Cynar - an Italian bitter herb liqueur.

Technically, liqueurs are liquor because they are distilled spirits. The general difference is that liqueurs are sweetened spirits with various flavors, oils, and extracts added; rum, whiskey, brandy, and other liquors can serve as a base spirit for liqueurs.

Alcohol content: Both liqueurs and liquors have a range of alcohol content. Most liquor is in the 40 to 55 percent range of Alcohol by Volume (ABV), or 80 to 110 proof. Liqueurs typically contain more ingredients, so the alcohol content is generally lower, from 15 to 30 percent ABV or 30 to 60 proof.

Popular Liqueurs

  • Kahlua. Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur
  • Baileys Irish Cream Original. Liqueur, Cream Liqueur
  • Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge. Liqueur, Citrus, Triple Sec Liqueur
  • Disaronno Originale Amaretto. Nuts, Amaretto Liqueur, Liqueur
  • Cointreau. Liqueur, Citrus, Triple Sec Liqueur
  • RumChata
  • Campari
  • Aperol