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Add to your style with women’s shirts. statement pieces or easy-to-wear staples
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Ladies' Shirts

Add to your style with women’s shirts. statement pieces or easy-to-wear staples

A blouse is a women's dress shirt, a shirt is a button-down shirt, and a top is a generic catch-all term for any shirt-like garment worn on the upper body. Add sophistication to your style with our women’s shirts. Whether you’re looking for statement pieces or easy-to-wear staples, you’ll be spoiled for choice with our range of work, satin and floral shirts.

Look great every day with beautiful and shirts from Shopbwana, available in different styles, colours, and cuts. Whether you want a long sleeved or a short sleeved shirt, a high neck shirt or something lower cut, there are plenty of options you’ll love. And you don’t have to limit yourself to a classic black or white shirt. With eye-catching patterns and flattering, feminine shapes, your new animal print or floral shirt will become a wardrobe essential that you’ll look forward to wearing. If you prefer a button down we have checked, oversized & denim shirts that you can wear as a top or as a shirt jacket.

  • Aloha shirt – also known as a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Baseball shirt.
  • Blouse.
  • Button-down shirt.
  • Cowboy shirt.
  • Denim shirt.
  • Dinner shirt.
  • Dress shirt.


Buttons - Usually has a full line of vertical button closure.

Collar - Can have a limited range of collar styles derived from the history of men’s fashion

Style - Button-down shirts come in a limited range of styles.

Length - Button-down shirts do offer some variation in length, but not a lot.

Fullness - Almost always more fitted

Formality -Usually semi-formal to formal

To make sure you've chosen the right fit, look for a slim fit that still gives you a full range of motion. Additionally, don't neglect the fabric of the shirt when you're trying to find the right piece. A shirt that's made of a cheap and scratchy fabric make have a great price tag and look excellent on the first wear.