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Cut where the stone has flat top, polished facets and a pointed bottom.
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Faceted Gemstones

Cut where the stone has flat top, polished facets and a pointed bottom.

This cut refracts the light inside the gem and reflects light on the outside facets of the gemstone, maximising the stone's brilliance and fire

Unlike cabochons, where inclusions add character, inclusions in a faceted stone interrupt the light and decrease the fire of the stone. The fact that a faceted stone is genuine does not in itself mean that it is a valuable gem.

In very simple terms, a faceted stone has many flat sides and a cabochon is smooth. Faceted stones are more popular for transparent stones and cabochons are more popular for opaque or translucent stones. Although you can find most stones in both faceted or cabochon shapes these days.

The specific role of facets is to enhance the optical vision of the stone. The reflection of light aids in producing sparkle and brilliance of the gemstone. A stone that is clear and transparent i.e has no or fewer inclusions is better used for faceting as there is no obstruction for the light to reflect.

Real stones have tiny imperfections on their surface, while manufactured glass will not. So, glass will feel smooth, while a real stone will feel gritty.

An important thing to remember is that real gemstones are natural and because of this they are going to have flaws. Synthetic gems will look more perfect. Also, fake gemstones tend to sparkle and shine better than real gemstones, because real natural stones have been worn down through the environment.

The diamond can be cut into various shapes: round, pear, square (princess), oval, heart, emerald … The round cut diamond is the one that really sparkles more than others, and it is the most typical and requested. It is considered the investment gemstone par excellence. All other forms are called “fancy cuts”.

Designer jewelry usually refers to jewelry that adheres to a certain aesthetic determined by an individual craftsman or design company. The emphasis is on a particular aesthetic, often employs precious or unusual materials, and sometimes contains handcrafted elements.