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Cooler Bags

Unlike plastic bags, insulated cooler bags can keep your food or beverages warm or cold for much longer. They are even better than classic lunch boxes at retaining heat and preserving freshness due to their embedded insulation.

Made from heavy but flexible fabrics, like polyester on the outside and lined with heavy-duty foil on the inside, cooler bags have the ability to maintain internal temperatures for several hours. Because of this feature, they can be used to keep your beers, wine, soft drinks as well as vaccines chilled. They are lightweight and convenient to carry for a weekend picnic or party.

Health personnel and farmers can also use them to carry vaccines that require a certain temperature to remain effective. Shop here a wide selection of cooler bags and related accessories from various Zambian suppliers.

Are you thinking of buying an insulated cooler bag? You want them for your kids, yourself or maybe to give it to your family or friends. But why are more and more people purchasing insulated cooler bags? That’s because the benefits of these bags are numerous.

  • Balanced temperature
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Eco Friendly