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A suit bag and is a soft-sided piece of luggage that is used for carrying garments
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Garment Bags

A suit bag and is a soft-sided piece of luggage that is used for carrying garments

At some point, you'll probably find yourself travelling to a destination where along your journey you would have to stop over to attend a function such as a wedding, which of course means you'll certainly need to carry your best clothes so that you look your best.such as a suit or dress shirt meant to be stored on a hanger, rather than folded up in a drawer.

Garment bags are extremely useful for traveling, however, attempting to pack all of your apparel into just one bag is not recommended. While most garment bags expand to accommodate many clothes, over-packing a garment bag puts undue stress on the seams and can damage the bag. Your clothing might also arrive with more wrinkles than you had hoped for. If packed properly, your garment bags will protect your clothing from dirt and dust, and you will have less ironing or steaming upon arrival.


You have made a significant investment in your wardrobe throughout the years, so it makes sense that you would want to safely protect and store your favourite dresses, suits, leather or wool jackets, right?

A garment bag is mainly used for transporting and storing clothes that are usually of high value and special occasion type of clothing, without leaving them wrinkled. Browse through this category for various garment bags available in Zambian stores.

Unlike standard suitcases and duffle bags that work best for folded or rolled clothes, garment bags allow clothes to be packed while lying flat, making them the best luggage for carrying pressed clothes, blazers, suits and dresses.

Delicate items require delicate care when storing and travelling. Keeping pieces such as formal wear, suits, and silk items in garment bags helps them stay in ready-to-wear condition. Packing items properly will help clothing keep its shape and structure and avoid damage caused by rubbing against other pieces

The Garment Bag can fit two suits or three full-length garments, and features an exterior zip pocket for easy access to travel essentials as well as interior zip pockets for shoes and accessories.

A garment bag is a type of luggage used for transporting business or formal attire from one destination to another. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, but all have an integrated suiter compartment designed to keep clothing flat, clean, and wrinkle-free on the road