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Shoes need to be repaired, cleaned, kept looking good and preserved
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Shoe Parts & Accessories

Shoes need to be repaired, cleaned, kept looking good and preserved

Shoes are an important part of your wardrobe. They will need to be repaired or cleaned to keep them looking good and preserve them for years. To do this, you will need a range of products. Shop here an extensive range of shoe parts and accessories from various Zambian suppliers. Products available include but are not limited to laces, heel grips, soles, insoles, zippers, buckles, shine sponges and brushes. Whether you have leather, sued, cotton or plastic shoes, you are definitely going to find products to keep them clean and in good shape in this category. At its most basic, a shoe consists of heal, toe cap, insole, and outsole that covers the foot. But other secondary parts make up the rest of the shoe anatomy too. They include upper, eyelets, quarter, vamp, lining, tongue, tope line and top edge, and these give the shoe more detail and structure.

The front panel is known as the vamp, while the part that generally wraps around the toe and ends along the front ball of the foot is called the tip. The sides that run along the upper make up the mudguard. The eye stays run along the length of the shoe, generally on opposite sides.

Outsole: The piece of hard material on the bottom of the shoe. This can be leather - which is more breathable but also more vulnerable to moisture and water damage - or rubber - which offers some protection against the elements, but is less formal.

There are typically about 23 different parts of a shoe. It's not just the heel, the tongue and the laces, which most of us can point out, but rather a more complex breakdown of parts.

Shoe Wall Panels are designed to be modern alternative to traditional slatwall panels and combine a fresh look with flexible display system. Our Shoe Wall Panels also offer an extensive collection of slatwall type accessories that can be used to properly display your shoes and other products you sell in your store.

The shaft is the upper part of the boot, from the ankle to the top edge. The shaft height is always measured at the back of the boot. Start at the top edge of the heel and measure right up to the highest point at the back of the boot. The heel is never included in this measurement. Measuring the shaft circumference.

The sole is the bottom part of the shoe. It is sometimes referred to as two separate pieces: insole and outsole. The insole is the part of the shoe that has direct contact with the bottom of your foot. The shoe's outsole is the portion that contacts the ground when you walk.

Vamp. The vamp is the portion of a high heel's anatomy that covers the top of the foot, enclosing your foot securely in the shoe. While it's easy to identify a vamp on a traditional pump, even open-toed heels and strappy high heels still have vamps.

Sole. The bottom part of a high heeled shoe is called the sole. It includes everything below the upper, including the heel portion itself. It is made up of the outsole, insole, heel and any non-visible, interior parts such as the shank.

Platform shoes are shoes, boots, or sandals with an obvious thick sole, usually in the range of 3–10 cm (1–4 in). Platform shoes may also be high heels, in which case the heel is raised significantly higher than the ball of the foot.

The ball girth is the measurement around an the shoe last. The Ball Girth is measured around the last from the lateral ball point to the medial ball point. When measuring a last you need to know the ball girth.

Tall shaft work boots can help protect the ankle and shin from abrasions and other hazards, but with that extra protection comes extra weight. You'll want to make sure you actually need the lower leg protection before choosing to use a heavier work boot.

The shank is an internal part of the supportive structure, between the insole and outsole, that provides a rigidness and stability to the shoe.

The vamp or top line is the top part of the shoe–it covers the toes, and all the way to where the shoe ends on the front part of your foot. For example, in a pair of heels, the vamp would cover the toe box to right above the beginning of your toes, where the shoe breaks to wrap around the sides of your foot.

A bellows tongue is a wide, folding tongue that is completely attached to the sides under the eyelets to the vamp so the upper appears as one. This tongue style makes the shoe watertight.