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Digitally using computers, devices and the internet to communicate and create.
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Digital Lifestyle

Digitally using computers, devices and the internet to communicate and create.

Digital lifestyle makes it easier for people to connect around the world using the internet and digital technologies, enable people to work anywhere and creates smart home experiences. Digital lifestyles. The digital world presents many possibilities and benefits to individuals and companies. A “lifestyle entrepreneur” is an entrepreneur who makes their living online. They don't have a physical location or need one to operate. All they need is a laptop and connection to the Internet to manage their business. ... They are not tied down, which allows them to operate their business all over the world.

Part of becoming more digitally literate is adopting a digital lifestyle. That means using computers, devices and the internet to communicate and create.

From online shopping to social media, people can create their own innovative content and post it on YouTube, Facebook or Blog etc. They can transact or pay bills on their mobile phones. Digital banking for example allows individuals and companies to open an account, access payments, savings and credit products without ever stepping into a bank branch. This is possible through digitization, which can essentially turn a smartphone into a wallet, a bank branch and even a library.

A lot of books in this subject area give cliched and/or general platitudes about how to give up the internet and social media: delete the worst apps, turn off notifications, make your phone grayscale to make it less enticing. That kind of advice is sort of helpful, but also feels like tips you’d give a child. Plus, they end up seeming like half measures by the time you’ve implemented them.

No pieces of technology are as central to modern existence as our digital devices. Just as primitive man always had a knife at hand to hunt, skin animals, and whittle for pleasure, our phones and laptops are the critical tools in both our work and play, constantly on our bodies, or just a quick reach away.

The connection is so intimate, so undeviating, that it’s hard to get real perspective on the relationship between ourselves and our devices. What is the technology giving us? What is it taking away from us? Are we losing more to it than we’re gaining? Are there ways to tip that equation more in our favor?