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Includes components that support learning and how to answer test questions.
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Workbooks & Test Preparation

Includes components that support learning and how to answer test questions.

Online shopping for workbooks & test preparation from a wide selection of books stores in Zambia. Because students have different learning styles and necessities, their needs are met by these additional materials. This is because they are specifically designed to help ensure students acquire the outcomes intended for a particular course.

Merely attending classes cannot be sufficient for them to grasp all the learning. Workbooks and test preparation kits will ensure that students get a chance to go through multiple types of exercises and questions that help them get better conceptual clarity.

The use of workbooks and test preparation kits has been proven to be effective in reinforcing concepts and theories that have been learnt. Their usefulness transcends the classroom and isn’t limited to students alone but also to teachers and parents.

Benefits of workbooks to learners include but are not limited to:

  • Promotes independent learning - Learners are able to learn on their own and at a reasonable pace per their competencies and abilities.
  • Practice makes perfect - Learners are able to gain deeper understanding of topics taught as they practice questions or solve problems found in these kits.
  • Build leaner confidence - Learners are able to explore and build their confidence in a particular subject area. This is because, they are able to demonstrate their knowledge as they actively engage with these kits.
  • Useful tools in teaching young learners - These materials are useful tools in teaching young learners important skills such as critical thinking, handwriting, attention and concentration which will serve them well as they grow.
  • Reduce the stress - Learners do not get overwhelmed by exercises. Emphatically, exercises in workbooks and questions in test kits are presented in realistic.

Workbook with Test Preparation includes expansion skills practice, test-taking tips, and practice tests modelled after state exams