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Mainly used to insulate, store and protect electrical conductors.
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Wiring Accessories

Mainly used to insulate, store and protect electrical conductors.

Electricity requires an electric path to flow and there are many conducting materials used for this purpose. There are many semi conducting materials which are used to reduce the voltage and also drop the current flow. There are non-conducting materials which are used as insulation during working on live-lines. In this unit we will study how the household or industrial wiring is done and what materials are essential for household or industrial wiring. We will also study the different types of wiring and how they is done.

Wiring accessories are mainly used to insulate, store and protect electrical conductors. These have various specifications varying in size, strength and type. Electrical wiring accessories serve in a wide range of industrial applications where they function as a protective gear for electrical materials.

Now that your building construction or renovation project has reached the electrical wiring stage, you need high quality wiring accessories to get the job done professionally to ensure your building is safe from fire damage due to the use of low quality accessories.

In this category, you will discover a full range of wiring accessories including cables, cable glands, switches and sockets, plugs, combination plates, grid wiring, modular frames, back boxes, junction boxes, timers and controllers, screws as well as electrical testers. Buy with confidence; all products are from leading manufacturers and go through strict quality control processes to ensure your family, customers and property is safe.

Wiring Accessories

  • Switches & Sockets.
  • Outdoor Switches & Sockets.
  • Back Boxes.
  • Junction Boxes.
  • Metal Clad Switches & Sockets.
  • Grid & Modular Wiring.
  • Plugs & Fuses.
  • Timers & Controllers.

Three types of wire used are :

  • live wire ( Red colour)
  • neutral wire(Black colour)
  • earth wire (Green colour)

Wiring accessories are essential items installed across domestic and commercial premises, used in both retrofit jobs and new installations. There's an enormous range that encompasses all types of wiring components including testing, front plates and accessories to accommodate both simple replacements or complete refits. Various colour options and finishes are available from top trade brands.