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Corded Telephones

A corded telephone is a handset wired to a base unit, which either sits on a table or desk or is wall mounted. Corded telephones are the original telephone design and we still have hundreds of millions of them still existing in offices and homes.

In this digital age, the use of cell phones has led to a rapid decline in landline usage. In fact, so many offices and households are choosing to forego landlines. However, for some landlines will stay a permanent fixture. For people with vision or hearing disabilities, corded phones offer some features that mobile phones don't.

Corded telephones are available in both desktop and wall-mounted models. They are a more affordable option in landline phones, but they do not offer the flexibility of cordless phones. Many corded phones have a speakerphone option that allows a bit more mobility. Longer phone cords are another option for gaining mobility. The primary upside of a corded phone versus a cordless phone is the reliability during a power outage. When power is unavailable, a corded phone will continue to work.

The business aspect

In this category, you will find corded telephones that are perfect for your place of business. Sellers here supply corded phones for a wide range of customers. They have experience with every type of business and can advise you on the Ideal corded handset for your needs.

When looking at the reasons to get a landline, having a corded phone makes the most sense. A corded phone requires no electricity, meaning in the event of a power-outage, you still have the capability to contact your customers or loved-ones. It is a constant safety-net that you never have to worry about.