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A fuse is an electrical device that is designed for the safety and protection of a circuit to prevent damage to appliances. Once it receives a high current, its conductive strip will melt and break the circuit cutting power supply to an appliance.

In simpler, fuses are the protectors, these are the safety devices which are used to protect electrical appliances from damage due to high voltage.

Without a fuse, electrical faults occur in the wiring and it burns the wire and electric appliances and may start a fire. When the fuse goes, a sudden spark occurs which leads to turning your appliance off by disconnecting the power supply which saves any further mishappenings. This is why we need fuses to protect your appliances from harm.

Types of fuses

Generally, there are two types of fuses which include:

  • DC fuses: These are larger in size. DC supply has constant value above 0V so it is hard to neglect and turn off the circuit and there is a chance of an electric arc between melted wires. To overcome this, electrodes placed at larger distances and because of this the size of DC fuses get increased.
  • AC fuses: These are smaller in size. They oscillated 50-60 times in every second from minimum to maximum. So there is no chance of Arc between the melted wires. Hence they can be packed in small size.


The working principle of a fuse is based on the “Heating effect of Current” i.e. Whenever a short circuit, over current or mismatched load connection occurs, then the thin wire inside the fuse melts because of the heat generated by the heavy current flowing through it. Therefore, it disconnects the power supply from the connected system. In normal operation of the circuit, fuse wire is just a very low resistance component and does not affect the normal operation of the system connected to the power supply.