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Telephone Headsets

Telephone headsets allow people to speak on the telephone while keeping their hands free to do other tasks such as typing or writing. Often looking like headphones used to listen to music, telephone headsets have a mouthpiece. Telephone headsets are mostly used in call centres and by people who have to work on the phone frequently, such as telemarketers and receptionists. They also enjoy popularity not just in business settings, but also at home where people like multitasking.

Types of headsets

  • Office corded headsets
  • Office wireless headsets
  • Home headsets
  • Mobile headsets
  • Computer headsets

Telephone headsets are convenient, have anti-noise and anti-interference functions. They are also recognised as a means of reducing shoulder and back pain and increasing productivity.

Telephone headsets may be designed for use with ordinary telephones that plug into a wall jack. Often, these telephones have a jack for the headphones already built in, making attaching a telephone headset a quick and easy process. Unfortunately, this type of setup doesn't allow a person to move about easily and may not be as convenient for someone who has a lot of hands-on tasks to perform while speaking on the telephone. To meet the needs of those with the desire to be mobile, manufacturers make telephone headsets that can be used with cordless telephones. In fact, some manufacturers have designed cordless phones with a telephone headset already attached.