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Jikokoa Charcoal Stove
Cooking Appliance
The Jikokoa is a charcoal stove designed for Africa that reduces fuel consumption by more than 50% and reduces harmful emissions by more than 60% compared to traditional cooking methods.

Cooking Appliances

This marketplace offers you a large range of efficient cooking appliances designed to provide you with the best cooking experience as well as make your life easier. They include gas, induction electric stoves, rice cookers, steamers, fryers, grills, toasters and ovens, microwaves, food processors, blenders, coffee makers, mixers and more.

With so many products available, selecting the best appliances for your kitchen can be overwhelming. Please feel free to ask your seller of choice to help you choose the best appliance depending on your cooking needs and requirements.

Cooking appliances

Cooking appliances make life easier. One of the best ways to make sure your new kitchen is functional and beautiful is to choose your appliances carefully.

If you’ve ever attempted to purchase cookware for a new kitchen or simply tried to improve the quality of tools in your current kitchen you’ve probably found that stocking up on high quality kitchen essentials is much more difficult than it should be. Whether you’re part of a busy family or living alone, you’ll find appliances to improve the overall usability of your kitchen in this category.