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A process involving appliances of different types and operations
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Water Treatment Appliances

A process involving appliances of different types and operations

Water is the basic resource for guaranteeing the life of all living beings on the planet. Access to water, sanitation and hygiene is a fundamental right and yet billions of people throughout the world are battling daily against enormous difficulties accessing the most basic services.

Water treatment is the aim of which is to eliminate and/or reduce contamination or non-desirable characteristics of water.

Water treatment and water treatment technologies are an essential line of defence to remove contaminants and bacteria before the delivery of clean, potable water supplies for consumption. Water sources can be subject to contamination and therefore require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing agents.

If you are considering a home water treatment appliance purchase, you should educate yourself on the wide variety of choices available on the market today. By knowing what the different home water treatment devices do, you will be able to purchase the right one for you. Provided below is a brief description of the most common options available:


The majority of the filtration systems on the market today use granular activated carbon to treat water coming from a single faucet. Some filters must be filled manually, such as a pitcher, while others, such as faucet filters and under-sink systems, are actually attached directly to the plumbing. Depending on the design and filter media used in the unit, filters are able to reduce many types of substances, such as chlorine and lead.

Water softeners

Water softeners reduce the level of hardness in water by exchanging calcium and magnesium for sodium and potassium. Water softener units are usually made to treat water for the whole house.

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis systems work by using pressure to force water through a membrane that reduces minerals including sodium chloride and heavy metals such as copper, chromium and lead. In addition, some of these systems can also reduce substances such as arsenic, fluoride and nitrates. Reverse osmosis systems treat water very slowly. Therefore, they usually have a pressurized storage tank to store water to meet household demand.

Ultraviolet treatment systems

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment systems use ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and/or viruses. UV system efficiency is affected by the clarity of the incoming water supply. Also, keep in mind that Anaheim Public Utilities already maintains a chlorine residual in its tap water to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Nonetheless, if you have or are considering purchasing a UV system, its efficiency will not be affected by Anaheim tap water since it is neither turbid nor dirty.