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A safe for documents, money, jewellery and guns. In your office or home for peace of mind.
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A safe for documents, money, jewellery and guns. In your office or home for peace of mind.

Having a safe in your office or home can give you peace of mind. You will know that your valuables are secure while you are away. Below, is a wide selection of security safes that are suited for everything you need to contain including documents, money, jewellery and guns. How do you know which safe is right for you? If you love high-tech products, a biometric fingerprint safe is perfect. If you are looking for something simple, a key safe will do the job. Browse through the list of Zambian companies that manufacture and distribute high-quality safes. When you invest in a safe, you can count on your valuables and dangerous items such as guns and hunting knives staying right where you left them.

The most secure place to install a safe would be at the corner where two outside walls meet. This provides the most protection and support for a heavy safe. In a house that has multiple levels, it's best to keep the safe on the ground floor.

Fireproof safes will keep their contents safe from fire and other disasters.

These might be the size of a microwave or even a mini refrigerator. As a reference point, Gardall Safe Corp.'s most popular safe weighs about 85 pounds and measures roughly 17 inches on all sides. Depending on your needs, safes can be significantly larger and weigh upward of 300 pounds.

A really good safe will cost from $900 to $2,500 depending on the size and features offered. If all your valuables are worth more than $10,000, you should seriously consider purchasing a quality safe to store your treasures.

Contrary to popular belief, safety deposit boxes are not fireproof. This means that they are not immune to heat and fire. During a fire, if the temperature inside the bank vault rises to 451 degrees Fahrenheit, paper documents will ignite. At 1,763 degrees Fahrenheit, jewellery and other metal items will melt.

How much is your used safe worth? A new safe can cost anywhere from $50 to many thousands of dollars. In good condition, a used high-end one will usually hold it's value well. Antique safes are highly collectible and rare models are worth many times their initial retail price.

By fixing your safe to the floor you'll be getting another layer of protection for your cash or valuables. Regardless of size or weight of your safe, it is highly recommended that you bolt down your safe.

Burglars look first in your master bedroom is the first stop. There are many vulnerable spots in your home. Most people keep valuables in their bedrooms, so no surprise that is the first stop for a thief.

Safes cost an average of $525 to install, with a typical range of $287 to $774. You'll spend anywhere between $110 and $1,020 depending on the type of safe, as well as its location and whether or not you require a custom build for extra concealment.

American dollars burn at a temperature of 450 degrees F. So if a safe is left in flames hot enough for long enough, the interior of the safe can reach temperatures high enough to cause paper money to combust.

Fireproof safes and burglar fire safes should have a minimum of a 1-hour fire rating. Typically, a safe with less than a 1-hour fire rating will not likely protect any paper or money in the event of a fire.

A fridge or freezer is definitely the most effective choice, as such items are the most likely to survive a house fire. Also, a thief would probably not think to look in such places. It is also possible to bury your valuables in the ground, inside a soup can, to act as a fireproof safe in such situations.

Just make sure the items you're hiding are in a waterproof container, too. inside a false wall outlet. Make sure it's not a live receptacle or in the way of any electrical wiring. within hollowed-out/removable building components, such as wainscoting, floor panels, door jambs, window sills, and cabinet doors.