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Air plant holder, stone, pebble and rock art. Nature provides an endless list
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Natural Crafts

Air plant holder, stone, pebble and rock art. Nature provides an endless list

Natural craft objects made from nature are great for celebrating the different seasons, the great outdoors, a collection of natural souvenirs. These souvenirs might include a mini-pinecone, a gingko leaf and a bit of fern leaf in my pockets, Natural objects you can use in your home, made into craft objects by talented craftspeople include Stones and Pebbles, Sand, Rock, Seashells, Tree Branches, Reeds, Tree Stumps, Sea Glass, Eucalyptus, Driftwood. Created crafts in this category - Air plant holder, Stone art, Garden art, Pebble art, Rock art. Nature provides an endless list of craft object made by crafts persons in Zambia.

Things To Make With Nature

  • Driftwood Wall Hanger.
  • Wire-Wrapped Twig Necklace.
  • Painted Stone Garden Markers.
  • Dandelion Paint Brushes.
  • Seashell Cake Topper
  • Pressed Leaf Drawings.
  • Domino Rocks.
  • Hanging Flower Garland.

Making art from nature involves utilizing various elements of nature (such as leaves, sticks, stones, bones, water, etc) in a creative way to make a new art object. The resulting artwork makes a statement about both nature and humanity's relationship to nature.

Natural materials should be an integral element of a child's play. Loose things such as twigs, leaves, shells and sand benefit a child's early years experiences by stimulating their creativity and imagination. Natural materials are easily accessible and encourage children to learn about nature.

The term "environmental art" often encompasses "ecological" concerns but is not specific to them. It primarily celebrates an artist's connection with nature using natural materials. The concept is best understood in relationship to historic earth/Land art and the evolving field of ecological art.

The visual components of colour, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value.

Begin with flat leaves, such as sage, maple, hydrangea, and dandelion. Leaves with interesting shapes and protruding veins give satisfying results.

Nature can be a simple add on to a painting to convey a sense of depth, or perspective. However, it can also be the main focus of a work of art. Just like nature can be recreated through art, it can also be used as a stand in for greater thought.

You can teach your child colours while picking out leaves for this art project. This art project combines nature and crafting–two fun things for kids! Take a walk to collect a variety of leaves for this simple project suitable for kids of all ages.