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Objects created with religious symbols and used for various purposes
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Religious Crafts

Objects created with religious symbols and used for various purposes

Religious crafts are objects created with religious symbols and are used for various purposes including decorating a home and helping with teaching young ones in a religious class. These crafts are made from various materials like twigs from trees such as willow, vines, grasses and wood. Other materials include canes, long flat strips made from fibrous plant cores, and reeds, or broad-leafed grasses. Examples of religious crafts include Christian tree decoration of African angels and cross faith kids ornaments. Browse through this category for various religious crafts available in Zambian stores.

Write prayer requests, or individuals to pray for, on small slips of paper and place inside the prayer jar. Each family member can have his or her own prayer jar, or family members can place prayer requests into one jar.

The elementary age group should be Kindergarten through a minimum of 3rd grade up to a maximum of 6th grade. This is a wide range, but you can keep their attention and have them engaged as I share in Teaching to a Range of Ages.

Teach creative kids about the Christian religion with our inspiring range of religious craft supplies. Now they can learn while they make! Employ a whole host of exciting and challenging techniques to make everything from bookmarks to advent decorations and more!

Depending on the specific denomination of Christianity, practices may include baptism, the Eucharist (Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper), prayer (including the Lord's Prayer), confession, confirmation, burial rites, marriage rites and the religious education of children.

First, we have a Christian duty to serve each other. The Bible says, "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." (1 Peter 4:10 ) It is in our service that all will see God's grace in action as we demonstrate our faith.

"Craft refers to works done where the imagination and the hand of the maker are evident. Often the value of a piece is in the workmanship of the artist rather than what it's made of.