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Find air rifles, air pistols and hunting air guns for recreational use.
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Air Guns & Accessories

Find air rifles, air pistols and hunting air guns for recreational use.

Explore this selection to find air rifles, air pistols and hunting air guns for recreational use. With sights, rubberized grips and durable construction, these air guns are perfect for small game, pests and backyard practice. Invest in air gun targets and other air gun shooting accessories like scopes, shooting glasses and cleaning kits to help improve accuracy and provide proper gun maintenance. Find plain targets, targets shaped like game and knockdown targets for filling your shooting range. Look through this selection for BBs and pellets from Benjamin®, Gamo, Winchester and other brands

An air gun can be defined in more than one way, either by standard definition or in legal terms. The standard definition is any gun that requires compressed gas or air to fire a projectile. In legal terms, the definition varies by location.

Zambia considers an air gun to be a firearm. There are different classes of firearms, but in many areas, it is illegal to own an air gun without going through the same processes required to own any other type of firearm. There are usually age restrictions as well. Where guns are prohibited entirely, air guns are generally also banned.

There are three basic ways that firearms such as air pistols and air rifles obtain power. They use carbon dioxide, spring pistons, or pneumatics to propel ammunition. Some require cocking or pumping before pulling the trigger, others do not.

The carbon dioxide, or CO2, models do not need to be cocked before pulling the trigger. They do require containers of CO2, which means operating them is somewhat more costly. Because CO2 is sensitive to heat, the containers must be stored at an appropriate temperature, below 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius, but preferably even less. While CO2 designs are not usually as powerful as the other types, they have a simpler construction and can be fired more quickly, storing power to allow repeat firing.

Accessories are essential to airgunning, whether it's a scope or case, mounts or a tank.


Aperture & Iron Sights. - Open sights are iron sights whose rear sight uses a notch of some sort, while aperture sights use some form of a circular hole. Most civilian, hunting and police long guns and nearly all handguns feature open sights, while many military battle rifles usually employ aperture sights.

Bipods and Vertical Fore Grips. - The GPS LE Grip houses the bipod legs in a single grip unit, which means if can still be used as a grip when when the legs are deployed. Integrated bipod foregrips are another popular type of bipod that are easy to use and will work with most ARs and mounting systems.

CO2 Cartridges.- CO2 cartridges have existed for a long time and are used in a variety of applications, from airsoft pistols to dragster cars to carbonating soda. But it wasn't until 1989, when Genuine Innovations invented the first CO2 inflator head, that CO2 cartridges were able to be used to inflate flat bicycle tires.

Cases. - Heavy-duty gun cases are crushproof, waterproof & dustproof. Protect your firearms from every element with hard gun cases for travel and storage.

Chronographs. - Air Chrony MK3 provides an excellent high resistance to interferences. Chronograph Air Chrony MK3 is reliable in measurements of all small-caliber weapons. Safe Operation. Proven Solution. Lifetime guarantee.

Cleaning Kits & Maintenance.

  • Solvent. The solvent is used as the first step to get copper, lead, powder fouling and ammunition residue out of gun barrels and from all other metal components involved in the firing. ...
  • Lubricating Oil - Lubricating without cleaning will form built-up greasy residues and actually attract dirt and debris. This will eventually affect the gun's performance. Additionally, never store your gun without at least a light wipe down of metal surfaces with lubricant oil.
  • Cleaning Rod - A cleaning cord, also known as a "bore snake", is an alternative gun care tool to a cleaning rod. A bore snake is a flexible fabric cord with a tapered thin end that has a weight attached to it, in order to help the initial feeding of the cord through the breech end of the barrel.
  • Patches. - Patches were used to wrap a round shot lead ball projectile so that it fit snugly in the muzzle of the gun creating the necessary seal. It also allowed undersized balls to be used. Patches were usually pre-cut and pre-lubricated, with grease, tallow, or something similar, so they were ready when needed.