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A handgun is a short-barrelled firearm that can be held and used with one hand.
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A handgun is a short-barrelled firearm that can be held and used with one hand.

Handguns are used for personal self-defence, law enforcement, target shooting or hunting of small game. Here, you will find a wide range of single-action and semi-automatic pistols as well as revolvers. Brands available include Glock, Desert Eagle, Ruger, Taurus, ZEV, Beretta, Smith and Wesson, Remington, Sturm, Ruger and Co., SIG Sauer, Heckler and Koch, Mossberg, Colt Defense, Springfield Armory, Inc. and Savage Arms. Whatever your preference, there is definitely a handgun for you even if you are a first-time gun owner or an experienced shooter.

A handgun is a short-barrelled firearm that can be held and used with one hand. The two most common handgun sub-types in use today are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, although other handgun-types such as derringers and machine pistols also see infrequent usage. A firearm (such as a revolver or pistol) designed to be held and fired with one hand.

Though the exact definition of a handgun is sometimes disputed, a handgun is a firearm that is easily concealable, can be fired one-handed, and usually has an effective range of no greater than 100 meters.

  • is reasonably capable of being carried or concealed about the person; or
  • is reasonably capable of being raised and fired by one hand; or
  • does not exceed 65 centimetres (26 in) in length measured parallel to the barrel

Gun is a firearm that throws projectiles and the word is the most generic of all words used to refer to this firearm. Handgun refers to small firearms that can be used single handedly and include revolvers and pistols. Pistol is a handgun that has its chamber integrated with the barrel.

Both are handguns. A revolver contains a revolving cylinder in which bullets are loaded. Revolvers usually hold six shots. The ATF defines a pistol as any handgun that does not contain its ammunition in a revolving cylinder.

The term “Pistol” means a weapon originally designed, made, and intended to fire a projectile (bullet) from one or more barrels when held in one hand, and having: a chamber(s) as an integral part(s) of, or permanently aligned with, the bore(s);

1 : a handgun whose chamber is integral with the barrel broadly : handgun.

2 : a notably sharp, spirited, or energetic person.

Technically, a pistol is a handgun but one that only has one chamber. Holster Builder notes that revolvers are a type of pistol that have more than one chamber and are placed on a cylinder that spins. However, there are now semi-automatic pistols that can fire many shots at a time.

Types of Handguns

  • Single-Shot Pistol (Break-Action)
  • Double-Action Revolver.
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Revolvers are often shown to be more "powerful" than semiautomatic handguns, and this is true to some extent: revolvers can utilize much more powerful ammunition because they usually have a solid frame and therefore are physically stronger.

The go-to argument for a revolver over a semi-automatic pistol for a long time was reliability. The design of a revolver means it's a weapon that will fire reliably even after years of use. You don't have to worry about the weapon jamming, leaving you defenceless.