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Durability - Simplicity in style and 'star qualities' make them all-time favorites.
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Classic Toys

Durability - Simplicity in style and 'star qualities' make them all-time favorites.

Find classic toys which are a great choice for parents or grandparents who want to find something they can enjoy alongside the little ones in their life. Giving a kid any of these retro toys is a great way to enjoy enriching experiences with the whole family. It's also a fun way to treat a grownup to a nostalgic item from their past. Give one of these gifts to a parent, spouse or friend to bring back fun memories from their childhood. Any adult would love to be able to relive those amazing memories from their younger days. Find the best selection of nostalgic toys when you shop online at

Classic toys like a jack in the box, etch a sketch, play-doh, sock monkeys, cars, or kaleidoscopes send us into bouts of nostalgia, and honestly, some of these toys still can't beat after all this time. Your old collectables and your favourite playsets might be the perfect gift for your little one

Playskool Mr Potato Head

Best for Creative Play

When Mr Potato Head debuted, it was nothing more than a collection of plastic facial features. You actually had to supply the potato. Over the years, Mr. Potato Head has gone through some changes: he married, had little spuds, and eventually gained a plastic body. And although he's spun himself off into software, books, and a starring role in the Toy Story series, his charm remains the same.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle

Radio Flyer Retro Red Dual Deck Tricycle

Best for Outdoor Play

If you had one of these collectables -- or if your parents had one of these -- chances are, it's still in the basement somewhere. That's because the metal frame and solid construction mean this bike never dies. This is a great way to scoot around the neighbourhood. It's easy to steer and looks great with a little bell on the handlebars!

Elefun and Friends Barrel of Monkeys Game

Best for Math and Early Learning

It was simple, but an endlessly frustrating concept: A bunch of monkeys lived in a barrel and could be hooked onto each other. Could you hook them all together without breaking the chain? Nope, you couldn't. All the monkeys hooked together were taller than you, after all. But what a great way to practice patience and hand-eye coordination! Today's monkeys come in a larger size than you remember – just right for small hands.

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks

Most Classic Toy Ever

Seriously, what could be more classic? Sure, a good set of wooden blocks can be expensive, but think back to the complex structures you built as a kid, with secret rooms, soaring towers, and daring bridges. Childhood just isn't the same without those feats of architectural bravado. Blocks stand the test of time, too, keeping your child interested from the toddler years through grade school.


A Good Choice for Toy Cars

And speaking of these little metal cars, remember racing these hot wheels along those little orange tracks? You'd build them over the couch and down the stairs to see who's car could go the fastest? Well, they're still around, orange tracks and all! There are thousands of cars to choose from, and they come in all kinds of multi-packs of collectables. Grab some track sets and you're good to go!

PlayMonster Magnetic Personalities - Original Wooly Willy

Best Toy for a Car Trip

Got a car trip in the future? Don't want to hand over your phone to keep the kids occupied. Throw a couple of these in the car and let your younger kids have fun giving Wooly Willy hair on his head, his chin and... in his nose? Come on, you know you did it, too!

Simon Electronic Memory Game

Best for Whole Family Fun

Follow the lights and sounds and do what Simon says! Yup, this game is still around. It's not only a great ‘80s classic, it also teaches colors, patterns and hand-eye coordination. So, you're not just getting a toy you can sneak after the kids go to bed. You're getting something educational!

K'NEX TINKERTOY - Classic Building Tin - 100 Parts

A Good Choice for Your Little Tinkerer

Talk about a classic toy! Tinker Toys were created in 1914. They've been used to make everything from simple structures to complex machines, and even a tic-tac-toe-playing computer. Think of all the things your brilliant kid could make with these!

Classic Operation Game

A Game to Learn about the Human Body

Remember all the near-heart attacks you got when you touched the edges and heard that buzz? Gift your child the same gift of total shock! The organs have changed a bit from when you were a kid, but the game is still the same!

Spirograph Original Deluxe Art Set

Best Choice for the Art Lover

This is a fun, creative toy that lets kids explore shapes, patterns and design. They can use it to make cards for friends and family, or just goof around with different spiralling shapes. You may even find yourself stealing this one to relive your own childhood.

Fisher-Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm

Best Play Farm Play Set

This award-winning farm playset might be retro but your little one will love it just as much as you did! The Fisher-Price classic farm just doesn't get old.

Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Retro Toy with Magic Screen

Best Drawing Toy

The Etch a Sketch was always a best seller and it still is! You can draw anything and then erase it one slide

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