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Toys that will help promote physical play and cognitive skill
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Educational Toys

Toys that will help promote physical play and cognitive skill

By nature, children are curious to explore and learn new things. Their minds are always full of questions and doubts as to why, how and when things happen. Professionally designed to touch these pointers, educational toys play a key role in a child’s mental growth because they contribute to good intellectual, social and motor development. As a parent or guardian, you can help your child grow and understand their surroundings by buying them educational toys from various Zambian suppliers of kiddies toys. Available are multi-functional learning boxes, mini puzzles, geometry clocks, mathematical intelligence sticks, computation study boxes, intellectual building and lego blocks, cooking play sets, kid’s tool sets and more.

Examples of toys that will help promote physical play and cognitive skill building include:

  • Tricycles.
  • Basketball hoops.
  • T-ball stands.
  • Bowling sets.
  • Kinetic sand.
  • Drawing easel.
  • “See and Say” games or books.
  • Magnetic building blocks.

Educational toys (sometimes called "instructive toys") are objects of play, generally designed for children, which are expected to stimulate learning. They are often intended to meet an educational purpose such as helping a child develop a particular skill or teaching a child about a particular subject.

Education and developmental toys are known to boost your child's IQ level by better memory retention, coordination and increased literacy. Kids learning toys and games aid in challenging their minds. For instance, when the child stacks the blocks but misses to balance them, he sees them all falling into pieces.

Smart Toys for Babies

  • Nursery mobile. Objects dancing above a baby's head while lying in a crib stimulate vision and develop attention span.
  • Mirror. Initially, your baby will be fascinated with the changing face and expressions looking back from the mirror. ...
  • Ring stack. ...
  • Push-pull toys.