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Guns are one thing that is common among all children, play with water guns
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Toy Guns

Guns are one thing that is common among all children, play with water guns

When it comes to playing with toys, guns are one thing that is common among all children, especially the boys. Surprisingly, adults also play with water guns at the pool or at parties in summer. Various studies have reviewed that kids that play with toy guns learn how to control impulses and view things from another's perspective. They also allow children to act out their fears and aspirations. Here, you will find a large variety of options that you can choose from to provide that experience to your child. Available are pistol and rifle replicas, water and foam guns, pop guns, airsoft guns, cap guns, dart guns, laser guns and more. They have all been created keeping in mind the fact that they are for children and they do not injure them. Toy guns are toys which imitate real guns, but are designed for recreational sport or casual play by children. From hand-carved wooden replicas to factory-produced pop guns and cap guns, toy guns come in all sizes, prices and materials such as wood, metal, plastic or any combination thereof.

This toy uses the physical principal of the spring-like nature of rubber bands. When the trigger is pulled back, the wheel (which is being pulled down the barrel by the rubber band) is released and allowed to advance by a mechanism in the gun. This releases the rubber band, which then is propelled towards the target.

Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full scale replicas of real world weapons.

Toy Guns means any imitation of any original firearm that was manufactured, designed and produced since 1898, including water guns, replica non-guns, air-soft guns firing non-metallic projectiles, and B-B, paint-ball, and pellet-firing air guns that expel a projectile through the force of air pressure, or any other object or device reasonably capable of being mistaken for a firearm. The term “toy gun” does not include any antique firearm

There have been a number of unfortunate incidents where items have been mistaken by law enforcement for real guns, often resulting in tragedy. While the items involved are often described as “toy guns,” they are not. They are typically non-powder weapons such as BB or pellet guns, “airsoft” guns, paintball guns, or replica firearms. Toys are subject to stringent federal marking requirements that mandate the use of brightly coloured markings; these other items are not.

In 1992, the Department of Commerce prohibited the manufacture, sale, or shipping of toy guns unless they have an orange tip or are entirely brightly colored. The regulation does not prohibit end-users from modifying the toys.

Patterson also notes that toy guns can send mixed messages to young, impressionable children. “Children form positive associations with them without the proper context that guns, in their non-toy form, are used to cause often fatal damage to others,” he says.