Feminine Hygiene products for sale online in Zambia

Products are either disposable or reusable. Sanitary napkins, tampons, and more
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Feminine Hygiene

Products are either disposable or reusable. Sanitary napkins, tampons, and more

As a woman, feminine hygiene products are essentials for your health and well-being. This category consists of a wide selection of feminine hygiene products available in Zambia such as sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons, pantyliners, vaginal cleansers, lubricants and wipes.

Suppliers below carefully choose these products with great care because each woman's needs are unique and a lot of attention is given to quality. No matter what your need is, this category definitely has a product for you. If you can not find a particular item, feel free to directly contact your supplier of choice.

More about feminine hygiene products

Feminine hygiene products often refer specifically to items that women uses during their menstrual cycle. How frequently a woman uses these products can depend on her knowledge of the products, their accessibility, and their affordability.

Feminine hygiene product options have grown over the years. Many women remember when disposable pads and tampons were the only options. Some may remember further back when there was no such thing as an applicator on a tampon and pads didn’t have adhesive. But things change. Whether you are re-evaluating your hygiene needs or are helping a young person who is just entering her reproductive years decide which product is right for them, you might want to brush up on what is available.

The variety of products now available, both internal and external feminine protection products and their comfort and size have helped to facilitate the increasing independence of women and their ability to be active at all times of the month.

Especially as you move through puberty, the changes in your body make good personal hygiene all the more critical. Things like getting your period, daily vaginal discharge and increased sweat from your sweat glands make keeping clean increasingly important for teenage girls.

Vaginal hygiene tips every woman should know

  • Keep the undergarments dry
  • Change sanitary pads after 4-6 hours
  • Clean the vagina after intercourse without fail
  • Avoid using soap while washing your vagina
  • Avoid douching
  • Say no to scented feminine hygiene products
  • Practice safe sex
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes

Feminine hygiene doesn't only keep odours at bay and you feeling comfortable in your own skin, it's crucial to preventing infections as well. Your vagina's pH balance changes during your period so the risk of bacterial infection is higher, so keeping clean is actually important to your vaginal health.

Tampons and Pads

Pads, followed closely by tampons, are the most frequently chosen period product for maintaining menstrual hygiene. Pads and tampons are made with a combination of absorbent fibers, both natural and synthetic, including cotton and rayon.

Feminine hygiene products include items such as sanitary napkins (pads), tampons, menstrual cups ("diva cup"), panty liners (pantiliner or panty shield), period panties and feminine wipes.