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Hand held applicators that help you apply makeup smoothly and accurately.
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Mtongwata Enterprise
Mtongwata Enterprise
Beauty Skincare & Cosmetics
Monafay  Blush Makeup Brush  image
Get ready for day with the help of this Monafay blush makeup brush designed with flat fan-shaped soft bristles for more precise contouring. The Monafay Blush Makeup Brush is a specialized tool designed for applying blush to the cheeks.
Mtongwata Enterprise
Mtongwata Enterprise
Beauty Skincare & Cosmetics
Monafay  Eyeshadow Makeup Brush  image
The Monafay Eyeshadow Makeup Brush is a tool specifically designed for applying and blending eyeshadow.

Makeup Tools

Hand held applicators that help you apply makeup smoothly and accurately.

Cosmetic tools are as important to the makeup application as the makeup itself. These tools include brushes, brush shampoos, sponges, combs, wands and pencil sharpeners. The cosmetic products will only look as good as the tools used to apply them, so investment in quality cosmetic tools is critical.

“Primer is an essential step to make your makeup last and it acts like a protective barrier for your skin. The end result is more flawless, especially with primers that combine skincare and moisturising benefits,”

Concealer is similar to foundation except it's generally thicker and hides dark circles, age spots, blemishes and more by hiding pigments and blending these imperfections into the skin. You should always apply concealer on top of your foundation so it doesn't smudge. Oh, and less is more.

Essential Tools for Your Makeup Kit

Makeup Sponges: By simply pressing the sponge against your skin, you can evenly spread the foundation or BB cream. They offer more control and you don't need to put in a lot of effort. With a brush, you just cannot get a dewy finish. It is very difficult to spread the foundation and concealer uniformly over the skin

Makeup Brushes: You truly only need a 3-4 brushes if you are a beginner – a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, eyeliner brush and a blush/powder bronzer brush. That's it!!! However, once you are beyond the beginner level there are a few more brushes that come in useful and will complete your set.

Eyelash Curler: Eyelash curlers are often overlooked when it comes to makeup application, but the truth is that they're an amazing tool for opening up the eyes and enhancing the effects of mascara. And yes, it's yet another step in your routine, but we promise you with the right curler, the results are 100% worth it

Tweezers: Tweezers are small hand tools used for grasping objects too small to be easily handled with the human fingers. Tweezers are thumb-driven forceps most likely derived from tongs used to grab or hold hot objects since the dawn of recorded history.

Velour Powder Puff, Powder Brush, or Full-Coverage Face Brush: A powder brush has light, fluffy bristles that aren't densely packed like a foundation brush. It's designed to be used with pressed or loose powder products, like setting powder, finishing powder, powder foundation, or powder highlighter.

Spoolie Brushes: A spoolie brush is meant to be used to comb through, blend, and shape your brows. While you can fill in your eyebrows without one, following up with a few strokes of a spoolie can make your eyebrows look more natural and help with achieving trendy looks like brushed up brows

Cotton Swabs: The most common use for cotton swabs is to clean the ear canal by removing earwax. Cotton swabs are also commonly used for applying and removing makeup, as well as for household uses such as cleaning and arts and crafts. They are also handy for touching up nail polish that gets on the surrounding skin.

Eyeliner Sharpener: You absolutely have to sharpen the liner, since it's a pencil. It's not a self-sharpening, twist up package, either. There is is no built-in sharpening mechanism. Therefore, you need to use a makeup pencil sharpener to maximize your liner, the outer shell of which feels plastic-y.

Used worldwide by professional makeup artists, the beauty blender Sponge is an absolute essential for applying and blending base makeup. This teardrop shaped sponge absorbs water rather than product, so your foundation, concealer, BB cream etc. will last even longer. Using a bouncing technique, the top of the sponge hugs the contours of the face and covers blemishes whilst the bottom flawlessly blends makeup over larger areas. Perfecting for achieving that natural, streak-free finish, beauty blender has been dubbed a modern-day phenomenon, and we totally agree.

A necessity foamy makeup kit, House Of Lashes Lash Aid Eyelash Curler creates length and volume without ten coats of mascara (we’re not about wasting makeup). Thankfully, the beauty world has moved on from scarily clinical looking eyelash curlers, so you won’t need to hide this pearlescent pink tool in the dark corner of your makeup bag. It’s super easy to use, lifting and curling every lash (even those short, stubborn ones) for effortless mascara application and an enviable, wide-eyed finish.

Behind every great brow is a great brush, and the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Angled Liner/Spooley Brush is the ultimate two-in-one. The liner brush features short, firm bristles to create clean, defined edges, whilst the spoolie enables you to groom the brows and blend the product for a natural finish. It’s official, your brow game just peaked.

When it comes to precise plucking, they’re at the top of their game. The stainless-steel tip tweezer is sharp enough to grab even the most stubborn of hairs and the twenty-five-degree angle works against the brow bone to expertly shape, tame and transform the brows. Trust us, your makeup kit needs these.

Perfect for buffing eyeshadow into the eye crease offering smooth transitions, next-level blending and ultra-soft bristles, this oval-shaped brush enables you to achieve pro worthy results. It’s also packaged in a reusable protective pouch for easy (and planet friendly) storage.