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Implants, prosthetics, braces, crowns, dental impression materials,
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Dental Consumables

Implants, prosthetics, braces, crowns, dental impression materials,

Dental consumables include products such as implants, prosthetics, braces, crowns, dental impression materials, and others. They are used for the treatment of dental disorders such as tooth restoration, problems associated with gingival tissues, dental impairments, dental caries, and periodontal diseases. In the category consumables, a comprehensive assortment of aspirator cannulas, cotton rolls, disposable syringes and cannulas, as well as mouth rinsing cups. From saliva aspirators to disposable syringes and cannulas up to swabs and cotton rolls, you will find all of your affordable consumables on Shopbwana

Expendable supplies are single-use items such as dental cements, stationery, local anaesthetics, and gypsum products. Nonexpendable supplies are reusable items that do not constitute a major expense; this category includes most dental instruments.

Direct restorative materials

  • Amalgam.
  • Composite resin.
  • Glass ionomer cement.
  • Resin modified glass-ionomer cement (RMGIC)
  • Compomers.
  • Cermets.

Instrument Sterilization

First, they go through a cycle in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with disinfecting solution. This machine acts almost like a “dishwasher” to remove any debris. Then the instruments are thoroughly rinsed and put into an autoclave that uses high heat, steam, and pressure to sterilize them.

Types of tooth filling materials

  • Silver amalgam fillings. This is a popular filling
  • Composite fillings. Composite fillings are created from plastic and resin material
  • Ceramic fillings. They are created using porcelain material, which makes it both durable and cosmetically appealing